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RCViewer+ is a viewer/analyzer for working with reversible and quantum circuits from textual input file. RCViewer+ supports NCT and NCTSF gate libraries and generalized Toffoli/Fredkin gates with both positive and negative controls. In addition, Hadamard, Controlled-V, Controlled-V+ and Peres, T, $T^\dagger$, and S gates are supported. The first idea for producing this viewer was gotten from RCViewer software with an extension of displaying negative controls as well as supporting various quantum gates. For background on reversible circuits and different synthesis techniques refer to Synthesis and Optimization of Reversible Circuits - A Survey.


RCViewer+ Features:

Input Format:


The.tfc input format is used in RCViewer+. Positive controls are displayed with the name of desired variable (e.g., x) and negative controls are displayed with Apostrophe (') notation over the variable (e.g., x'). Negative control is supported for NCTSF library. RCViewer+ also supports input circuit in real format version 1.0.



Quantum Cost Calculation:


Quantum cost: For quantum cost calculation, the latest quantum cost table is used. For calculating quantum cost for gates with negative controls a recent paper is used. Based on it, the quantum cost of generalized Toffoli gates with at least one positive control is the same as those with all positive controls. The quantum cost of generalized Toffoli gates with all negative controls is increased by 2. The quantum cost of CNOT gates with negative control and Toffoli gates with only negative controls is 3 and 6, respectively. The quantum cost of a generalized Fredkin gate (with any number of positive or negative controls) is equal to the cost of a generalized Toffoli gate with positive controls plus 2. Peres gate (with cost 4) is also considered in quantum cost calculation. Controlled-V (unit-cost), Controlled-V+ (unit-cost) and Hadamard (with cost 0) are also supported. Quantum cost calculation will be updated whenever new cost model is proposed.


2-qubit cost model: A single-number cost model based on the number of two-qubit operations required to simulate a given gate, as described in this paper where costs of both n-qubit Toffoli and n-qubit Fredkin gates (and n >2) are estimated as 10n-25. QC of a circuit is calculated by a summation over the QCs of its gates.


Future plans:

Version History



Authors: Mona Arabzadeh/ Mehdi Saeedi.


The authors acknowledge Dr. Dmitri Maslov for his very helpful comments. Suggestions are welcome.



If you use RCViewer+ in your research article, please refer/acknowledge in the following way:                                              
Mona Arabzadeh, Mehdi Saeedi, RCViewer+, version <number>, <year>, available at http://ceit.aut.ac.ir/QDA/RCV.htm   




A complete example:


.v a,b,c,d,e,f
.i a,b,c,d,e
.o f
.c 0


T1 c
T1 d
T2 d',b
T3 a',c,b
T2 a,c
T2 b,e
f3 a',b,c
h a
V b,c
p3 a,c,e
T3 b,e,f
T2 c',e
T2 a,c
V+ d,f
f5 a',b,c,e,f
T6 a',b,c',d,e,f
H d


Standard form

Compact form
vBulletin tracker

Decomposed circuit (into Toffoli, w/o optimization)

Decomposed circuit (into 1- and 2-qubit gates, w/o optimization)

Decomposed circuit (into Clifford+T gates, w/o optimization)