Department Information

After evaluating the theoretical and practical topics of applicable enigma biology and information security and computer systems security techniques, "Information Security" major of "Information Technology" graduate program has been developed considering the growing commercial, governmental, service and industrial use of computers and regarding the growing threats and invasion to information and other sources of computer systems and the need to protect sensitive resources and information and to prevent harassment influence or reduce the threat to these systems.



Department History

"Information Security" is a Cross-Disciplinary branch of technical and engineering sciences which studies the strategies, policies, procedures, mechanisms, tools, techniques and information protection procedures stored in different forms during transmission in communication networks and processing and consequently security of information storage, exchange and process systems to detect, documentation and deal with threats and unauthorized access or reduce the threat. 

Master of Information Security major in "Information Technology" Engineering is one of the collections of higher education in technical-engineering fields which includes theoretical and practical courses and research programs. Principles of Information Security Engineering, different types of threats and invasions and weakness in computer systems, security assessment of computer systems, different types of security policies, security protocols and functions to protect data against passive and active attacks and the techniques and methods of operating systems, computer networks and databases security in order to prevent unauthorized access and provide services to unauthorized users and prevent service to authorized users will be studied in this major.

During this period, current theories and experiences in the field of information security will be provided for students and various aspects of information security in computer systems will be studied. The aim of this course is to train people who are able to define the optimum approach to security in order to provide information processing systems security based on identifying all related obstacles and technical factors and provide practical solutions and also be able to do initial researches in this field of knowledge and improve the knowledge and relevant technology in the country.




Department Honors

1. Presenting  Information Technology (IT) Engineering for the first time in Iran in 2002.


2. Gaining second place in research and development in seventeenth International Kharazmi festival by Dr. Hossein Pedram, Masoud Sabaii, Mehdi Dehghan (Project title: management of Iran  switch Network).


3. Gaining second place in Kharazmi Festival by Narges Ahmidi (Project title: pendar face reticulum software).


4. The best organizer of architecture and artificial intelligence courses compared to other universities.


5. Outstanding scientific-students groups work in the ACM fields. 


6. Supercomputer under the title of Supercomputer national plan by using Pentium processors, which was launched with the coopration of Dr. Mohammad Kazem Akbari, Dr. Bahman Javadi Jahantigh (Computer Engineering Department), and Dr. Seyed Ahmad Motamedi (Electrical Engineering Department), and their collegues. This system had been made regarding technology limitation in Iran and with the aim to achieve a system with high processing power and low cost.

7. 55 percent of computer students  are outstanding.


8. Having more than 30 short courses in different fields of computer engineering and providing levels higher than bachelor  for  private and public institutions staff.


9. Presenting 1270 papers in domestic and international conferences by  faculty members.


10. Publishing 185 papers in domestic and international publications by  faculty members.


11. Performing more than 50 industrial projects needed in the country.


12. Performing more than 30 independent research project and  national ones.


13. Choosing Dr. Homayoonpoor as one of the four best research professors of university in 2007.