Name Tel. Number Description
Name Tel. Number Description
Dr. Masoud Sabaei-Head of faculty 2713 Faculty Member
Jafar Abdi 2700-66495521 Responsible of Administration and Finance
Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh 2730 Faculty Member
Mohammad Mehdi Homayounpour 2722 Faculty Member
Bahman Pourvatan 2707 Faculty Member
Dr. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh-Barfourosh 2733 Faculty Member
Dr. Ahmad Nik-Abadi 2743 Faculty Member
Dr. Ahmad-Agha Kardan 2729 Faculty Member
Dr. Alireza Bagheri 2742 Faculty Member
Dr. Babak Sadeghiyan 2739 Faculty Member
Dr. Bahador Bakhshi 2723 Faculty Member
Dr. Hamid R. Zarandi 2702 Faculty Member
Dr. Hamid-Reza Shahriari 2716 Faculty Member
Dr. Hossein Pedram 2714 Faculty Member
Dr. Maryam Amirmazlaghani 2704 Faculty Member
Dr. Mehdi Dehghan Takhtfooladi 2749 Faculty Member
Dr. Mehdi Rasti 2701 Faculty Member
Dr. Mehdi Sedighi 2715 Faculty Member
Dr. Mehdi Shajari 2708 Faculty Member
Dr. Mehran S.Fallah 2718 Faculty Member
Dr. Mohammad Rahmati 2741 Faculty Member
Dr. Mohammad Reza Razzazi 2732 Faculty Member
Dr. Mohammad-Kazem Akbari 2736 Faculty Member
Dr. Mohammad-Reza Meybodi 2724 Faculty Member
Dr. Reza Safabakhsh 2728 Faculty Member
Dr. Saeed Shiry-Ghidary 2737 Faculty Member
Dr. Seyed-Alireza Hashemi-Golpaygani 2726 Faculty Member
Dr. Seyed-Majid Noorhosseini 2740 Faculty Member
Dr. Shahram Khadivi 2721 Faculty Member
Dr. Siavash Khorsandi 2706 Faculty Member
Mahmoud Momtazpour 2721 Faculty Member
Morteza Saheb-Zamani 2720 Faculty Member
Sayed Rasoul Mousavi 5114 Faculty Member
Anahita Mohammad-Hasani 2705 Responsible of Database Laboratory
Ahmad-Ali Khalil-Khoo 2710 Responsible of Hardware Laboratory
Azra Alipour 6454-2738
Department Police 2709 Department Police
Ebrahim Jamshid-Pour 12 27 Reponsible of Publications
Elham Abdoli 6454-2738 Responsible of Graduate Studies
Hanieh Sabzali 6454-2703 Responsible of Graduate Studies
Maryam Soleymani 2735 Responsible of Research Affairs
Mohammad Khandab 2725 Operations Manager
Mohammadreza Khalili-Khou 2711 Accountant
Vahideh Barvareh 2700 Department Secretary
ُSomayeh Gharaee 6454-2719 Responsible of Undergraduate Studies
(Design and Analysis of Dependable Sytems (DADS 5119 Dr. Hamid R. Zarandi
Advance Technologies in E-Learning Laboratory 5118 Dr. Ahmad Kardan
Advanced Computerized Networks Laboratory 5113 Dr. Masoud Sabaee
Advanced Technologies Laboratory 2717 Dr. Mohammad-Kazem Akbari
Computational and Vision Laboratory 5122 Dr. Reza Safabakhsh
Design Automation Laboratory 5124 Dr. Morteza Saheb-Zamani
Design and Analysis of Secure Systems 5121 Hamid Reza Shahriari
FPGA Laboratory 5112 Dr. Mehdi Sedighi
High Speed Computerized Networks Laboratory 5107 Dr. Siavash Khorsandi
Human Language Technology 5103 Dr. Shahram Khadivi
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (IPPR) Laboratory 5110 Dr. Mohammad Rahmati
Innovative methods in Computer Architecture and Distributed Systems 5102 Dr. Hossein Pedram
Intelligent Systems Laboratory 5109 Dr. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh
Laboratory of Data Security 5116 Dr. Babak Sadeghian
Laboratory of Intelligent Speech Systems 2747-66972411-12 Dr. Mohammad-Mehdi Homayounpour
Laboratory of Real-Time Intelligent Systems 5104 Dr. Seyyed Majid Noorhosseini
Laboratory of Security Systems Formalism 5108 Dr. Mehran Soleyman-Fallah
Laboratory of algorithm and computational geometry 5115 Dr. Alireza Bagheri
Mobile Adhoc and Wireless Sensor Networks 5105 Dr. Mehdi Dehghan
Robotics laboratory 5111 Dr. Saeed Shiri
Secure Computerized Systems Laboratory 5106 Dr. Mahdi Shajari
Soft Computing Laboratory 5120 Dr. Mohammad-Reza Meybodi
Software System Research and Development Laboratory 5117 Dr. MohammadReza Razzazi