Computational & Vision Lab

Computational & Vision Lab

Reza Safabakhsh

  • Introduction

The Computer Vision Laboratory (CV Lab)

Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology






Overview (History, motivation, outstanding features)



The CV Lab was established in the CE Department about 20 years ago. A large number of graduate students have completed their theses in this laboratory.



Providing an appropriate environment for research in the exciting field of Computer Vision, with special emphasis on computational Intelligence techniques.


Outstanding features:

Exciting projects where different fields such as Computer Vision, Computational Intelligence, and Learning meet.





Research focus/goals:

  • Human Identity Verification and Recognition
  • Intelligent Transportation  Systems
  • Information Hiding
  • Sports Video Analysis
  • Active Contours for Shape Modeling and Tracking
  • Document Image Analysis









The laboratory has a good selection of imaging devices and  computing systems. In addition, due to the close collaboration of the lab with the AUT Optics laboratory, very advanced  imagingsystems and a variety of applications are available to the Computer Vision Laboratory students. In addition, the CV Lab also collaborates with the AUT Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Institute, which is deeply involved in ITS related projects.


Research projects:

  • Obstacle Detection for Intelligent Cars
  • Car Accident Recognition at Cross Roads
  • Traffic Light Control based on Traffic and Pedestrians Volume
  • Human Recognition Using Ear shape
  • Human Identity Verification Using Handwriting
  • 3D Human Face Modeling for Recognition
  • Human Detection and Tracking in Crowded Scenes
  • Neural Network Design Using Evolutionary Computing





People (Education, Specialty):

  • Reza Safabakhsh, Professor, Computer Engineering Department (Director)
  • Ahmad Nickabadi, Ph.D., Computer Vision, Active Contours, Evolutionary Computing, PSO.
  • Mohammad Fakhredanesh, Ph.D. Student, Steganography, Steganalysis.
  • MojtabaKarami, Ph.D. Student, Cellular Neural Networks, Computer Vision,  Wave Computing
  • Ali Jafari, Ph.D. Student, Remote Sensing, Spectral Unmixing.
  • HadiMahzarnia, Ph.D. Student, Object Category Recognition
  • ArezooTorkaman, Ph.D. Student, Steganalysis.
  • Atena Sadat Kalaki, M.S. Student,  Computer Vision, ITS
  • ArmanHosseinzadeh,  M.S. Student, Computer Vision, ITS
  • MarjanJalali, M.S. Student,  Computer Vision, ITS
  • Mina Shahriyari,  M.S. Student,  Computer Vision, Biometrics
  • AlirezaGhanbariyan,  M.S. Student,  Computer Vision, Biometrics
  • NastaranNoorbakhsh,  M.S. Student,  Computer Vision, Biometrics
  • SaharRahmatian, M.S. Student, Computer Vision, Crowd Monitoring
  • MojtabaTaherkhani, M.S. Student, Neural Networks,  Evolutionary Computing