Mehdi Sedighi

  • Introduction

Different researches in digital systems arcitechture,special-purpos processors designing and optimizing,topologies of networks on chip(NOC) and VOIP technology fields are done in FPGA laboratory.Following you can find the subjects of the above said projects:

1.Designing a four-channel VOIP single processor on chip project

2.Presenting a modern architecture for networks on chip using in media gateway

3.Buffer management in networks on chip

4.Implementation and designing of Home PNA data link layer on behavioral level

5. Implementation and designing of EFM data link layer

6.Reschedule of asynchronous circuits

Currently,some issues raise in data fast processing that make it necessary to study proposed mechanisms with a principled investment.These issues can be existed not only in computer science,but also in all other sciences which need tools for reducing processing time.

Following,there are some examples of the works which can be done by parallel processing:

1.High speed calculation

2.Huge service provider of networks and information

3.Web service provider with high efficiency

4.Huge simulation such as flight simulation,three-dimentional weather forcast simulation

5.Service provider of virtual university