Mobile Adhoc & Wireless Sensor Networks

Mobile Adhoc & Wireless Sensor Networks

Mehdi Dehghan Takht Fooladi

  • Introduction

The Mobile and Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Lab is a research laboratory in Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology in Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). Our particular interests are in developing tools and techniques for supporting and implementing Multimedia, Wireless, and Adhoc Networks.

Research Areas:

  • ·                             Wireless Sensor Networks
  • ·                             Multimedia Networks
  • ·                             Mobile & Adhoc Networks
  • ·                             Fault-tolerant Software



  • ·                            

Ph.D candidates:

  • ·                             Mojtaba Hosseini
  • ·                             Marjan Naderan

Recent Members:

  • ·                             Haniff Rahbari

                                           Thesis Title: Preserving Continuous Playback in Video Streaming Over Peer to Peer Networks

  • ·                             Maryam Ahmadi
  • ·                             Nafiseh Faramarzi
  • ·                             Seyed Akbar Mostafavi

                                        Thesis Title: Proposing an approach for full coverage using extended target model in Visual Sensor Networks

  • ·                             Yahya Vaezpour
  • ·                             Mohsen Emami

                                          Thesis Title: Congestion control based on local rate adaptation and prioritized flows using clustering in wireless sensor networks

  • ·                             Saman Homayoun Nezhad

Master's Alumni:

  • ·                             Pouya Ostovari
  • ·                             Hamid Mirebrahim
  • ·                             Hemmat Sheikhi
  • ·                             Shahrzad Shirazipour

                                            Now at Arizona State University (ASU)

  • ·                             Ali Hosseini nejad

                                    Now at University of British Columbia (UBC)