Advanced Technologies Lab

Advanced Technologies Lab

Mohammad Kazem Akbari

  • Introduction

Now,using mechanized systems in developing environment becomes inevitable and doing administrative mechanization and industrial automation are only possible for the experts of this issue.

In this context,it is better to exploit more the existing scientific-research centers and scientific-research environments play their role in extending information technology through spreading the frameworks of modern development of information and informatic standars.The purpose of founding this laboratory is doing information projects of Iran in the following fields:

OIS,AIS,MIS,multimedia,oracle0based IT projects,total solution,giving scientific solution of controlling different spaces of factories(monitoring),creating safe information banks,internet information banks creation,designing and analysis of administrative and industrial systems,reverse engineering for systems development.Related issues to web based training are being done in this laboratory by using network and multimedia facilities.In addition,some projects related to electronic commerce and virtual training are running.