Robotics laboratory

Robotics laboratory

Saeed Shiry Ghidary

  • Introduction

Now a days,robotics has a special connection to artificial intelligence in a way that it becomes one of the best grounds of intelligent systems and algorithms implementation.The main axis of this laboratory researches is on intelligent robots who are able to learn from experience of real environment and operation ability in presence of uncertainty.For doing so,it is necessary to do researches in different branches such as moving robots,artificial intelligence,machin learning,machine vision,neural netwoks,cognitive science,probability based methods and hardware.Here are the present research fields of this laboratory:

1.Modeling of human brain in autonomous robots control

The goal of this project is to create a autonomous robot using presented models for human brain operation is memory and vision which will be able to show some of the signs of an alive and independent existing.

2.Domestic robots.the purpose of this project is to find answers for basic questions which are about a domestic robots.For example,a robot should be able to move easily in a house and doesn’t knock up to barriers.In addition,this project is related to Robocop competitions.

3.Combination of sensors information in robot positioning using Dampser-Scheffor evidence theory

A solution for sensors information combination and reducing uncertainty in robots positioning will be presented using evidence theory.

4.Behavioral modeling in mobile robots using dynamic byzyn  network (DBN)

The goal of this project is to present a model of robot’s behavior from sensors raw data in a way that makes the robot able to detect sensors failure and do suitable action using  dynamic  byzyn  network (DBN)

5.Remote robotics

In this project,a master-slave robot created for micromanipulation operation and it is used for operation doing in  Micronics dimensions such as cell movement.

4.ACM programming competitions site

Required equipments for doing programming exercises and presenting theory content related to ACM programming competitions are available in this site.

5.Robocup site

The equipments of this site provide the possibility of students’ activity in simulation branch.At present time,the activities are focused on cooperation of factors and learning issues. facilities

The computer facilities of computer engineering department are unique in the country,which now include the followings:

1.A main corpus which provides the possibility of networking computer equipments through 300 points in the whole university using related requirements including router,switch,hubs and several servers.

2.Several networks of microcomputers compatible to IBM and other independent systems and Linux include about 160 computers and 10 printers for students and professors.

3.Laser printers  and quick and powerful matrix printer