Working Experiences
  • 2009-2013:
    Computer science Teaching in Schools.

  • 2013-Present
    Student of M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering
    Computer Engineering Faculty , Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran.

    Thesis subject: " 



  • 2005-2009
    B.Sc. degree in Computer Software Engineering (GPA 15.68 out of 20)
    Faculty of Engineering, Azad Boroojerd University, Lorestan, Iran.

    Thesis subject: "Infrared Applications programming methods".
    Advisor: Mis.Rahbar


  • 1998-1999
    Pre-University in Mathematics and Physics (GPA 16 out of 20)
    SNoor School,Aleshtar,Loorestan.Iran

  • 1995-1998
    Diploma in Mathematics and Physics (GPA 17 out of 20)
    SAlzahra School,Aleshtar,Lorestan,Iran

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