Mina Ardakani


   Seminar Title : Quality engineering of ontology


  • Title: A Method For Quality Engineering Of Ontology Across The Life Cycle
  • Abstract: In software engineering, quality is considered an essential factor for acceptance of technologies and solutions, for efficiency of the processes and for robustness and usability of products . Nowadays, with growing usage of intelligent system  and the need for the knowledge representation and its reuse, ontology is being vastly applied to facilitate the understanding of knowledge. Work in the area of quality engineering for ontologies includes different perspectives, such as the quality of the ontology and the quality of the process of ontology construction. the quality assessment of the ontology construction process has received less attention. In this research, we want to propose a method for quality assessment of ontology across the life cycle by using measurement. Our focus is on the critical relationships between usage requirements, the life cycle of an ontology, evaluation, and the quality of the result.
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