Dr Ahmad Abdollahzadeh                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Curriculum Vitae
CV (.pdf)

About Me
Ahmad Abdollahzadeh Barfourosh
Nationality: Iranian
Date of Birth: 16 October 1953
Marital Status: Married
University Address:
Amirkabir University of Technology, (Tehran Polytechnic)
                                 P.O.Box 15875-4413, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.
      Mobile Tel: +98-912--1482274        
      University Telephone: +98-21-64542733
      University Fax: +98-21-66495521

Education and Qualifications

Secondary school: 1969-1972, The Alborz High School, Tehran, Iran. 
Degree: 1972-1975, B.Sc., University of Tehran. 
        Major: Accounting       
        Minor: Mathematics

Postgraduate Degree 

1978-1980: Master of Science in Computer Science, West Coast Universities, Los
                    Angeles, Calif., U.S.A., 
       Major: Information Systems
       Minor: Application Programming. 
1987-1990: Ph.D. in computer science, University of Bristol, England, 

Research Area

Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Distributed AI, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering (SE), System Analysis, End-User Computing, Accounting and Management Information systems, Decision Support System (DSS), Databases, RDBMS, Case Tools, Software engineering, methodology and standard (SSADM, IEEE, ISO- 9000), Natural language processing (NLP), Expert Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Representation Systems,