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Welcome to my Home page!

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Welcome to my Home Page!

I am now pursuing my PhD at UCSC. Find me here at MASC lab.

My name is Ehsan Khish Ardestani Zadeh. I have M.Sc and B.Sc both in computer engineering.

 My Contact, My biography , My Resume.

Also visit me at if you understand Persian!


I am now engaged with: Assessing a new computing system for future technologies with high error rates:
bulleta new fault tolerant computing system (Architecture, CAD tool, Computing model)
bulletQuantum Computing and architectures.

I am now engaged with: Porting Linux on VirtexII-Pro. (Xilinx ML300, it is a valuable experience, especially when we plan to port an RTOS on our TMIPS)


I am now engaged with: Design and implementation of TMIPS, a General Purpose Embedded Processor (Complete!):

bulletIntegration of Cache controllers and MMU with our SystemC simulator is released. (Oct 2006)
bullet2-4 Way set associative
bulletWrite-Through/ Write-Back policy
bulletRTL implementation of cache controllers for both Data and Instruction, and MMU is released. (Dec. 2006)
bullet2-way set associative, 8 KB, data cache with write-back, write allocate policy.
bullet2-way set associative, 16 KB, program cache with write-back, write allocate policy.
bulletOn-board verification is passed on Stratix II evaluation boards. (Dec. 2006)
bulletOn-board verification is passed  on Stratix I evaluation boards. (Jun. 2006)
bulletBoot strap mechanism done. (April. 2007)
bulletPorting eCos is in progress.
bulletConfiguration Modes done:
bullet CFG Mode 1: No Cache, Only External Memory
bullet CFG Mode 2: No Cache, Both Local External Memory
bullet CFG Mode 3: With Cache
bullet CFG Mode 3-1: Cache bypassed, CRAM used as Local RAM
bulletRegression Tests  in progress (Post synthesis, 0.13 um technology).
bulletWill be ready for tape out soon.
bulletReady for tape out. (November 2007)

See here for more info about VoIP processor.

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For problems or questions regarding this web or mentioned information contact ehsanardestani[at]aut[dot]ac[dot]ir.

Thanks for your visit!

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