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Record 19 from Compendex for: ((meybodi) WN All fields), 1790-2007
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19. Applications of cellular learning automata to image processing
Meybodi, M.R. (Computer Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology); Kharazmi, M.R. Source: Amirkabir (Journal of Science and Technology), v 14, n 56 A, Fall, 2003, p 1101-1126 Language: Persian
Publisher: Amirkabir University of Technology

Abstract: A cellular learning automaton (CLA) is a collection of learning automata arranged in a grid similar to cellular automata and interacts with each other. Each learning automaton based on the actions chosen by their neighbors tries to find its best action in order for the cellular learning automata to reach a particular goal In this paper several applications of cellular learning automata to desiging image processing operations such as noise removal, image segmentation, and feature extraction are presented. The proposed algorithms have number of good characteristics such as: effectiveness in the presence of noise, higher accuracy comparing to other image processing algorithms, parallel nature, and locality.
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