2007- Present

Since January 2007, I am a PhD Student at Intelligent Systems Lab, Computer Engineering and Information Technology Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh.

My PhD thesis title is "Analysis Patterns for Agent's Intelligence Engineering". In this research I am going to present a software engineering approach for intelligence of agents in multi-agent systems.

M.Sc. in Computer Engineering - Software

    Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT),

    Tehran, Iran

    Sep. 2000 - May. 2003

    Thesis Topic: Extending and Improving Agent Based Software Engineering Methodologies (MaSE)

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering Software

     Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST),

     Tehran, Iran

     Sep. 1995 Sep. 2000

  Thesis Topic: Designing and Implementing a Web based Application (Computer    Engineering Department Registration) Using ASP Technique


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